Green Listed by PMC

City: Changsha  Province: Hunan

  1. Imed, Faimer, WHO and PMDC Approved
  2. 25,000 students studying at present
  3. Separate hostel for females
  4. More than 600 Pakistani Students already studying 
  5. 5 batches of Pakistani students passed
  6. Pakistani Cook available
  7. Scholarships Available for top students
  8. International Teachers


First Year Fee (Includes Tuition, Hostel, Application, Development, Visa extension, medical checkup, medical insurance, Books, Bedding): 50000 RMB

Second Year Onwards (Includes Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee): 34300RMB/ Year 

Charges in Pakistan:

  1. Courier Charges: 50US$
  2. JW202 Charges: 250US$
  3. Service Charges: 200US$


  • 2nd year fee to be paid in September 2021.
  • Visa extension 800 RMB, Medical Insurance 800 RMB, Medical Checkup 500 RMB from 2nd Year onwards will be paid as per govt. charges by the student himself.
  • Fee must be paid in RMB
  • Fluctuation in currency from RMB to rupees & $ will be paid according to market value. Misc. expenses will be borne by student

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International admission Services Pvt Ltd.

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